Over 20 per cent increase in anti-obesity drugs in NHS Tayside in one year

30 December 2010

In the past year 2008-09 to 2009-10 there has been an increase of 22 per cent in the number of anti-obesity drugs prescribed in NHS Tayside.

The figures obtained through a Parliamentary Question tabled by Marlyn Glen MSP show that the number of drugs dispensed rose from 5,659 to 6,902 between 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Over a decade ago, in 1998-99, the number prescribed was 296, just 4 per cent of the latest year’s total.

Ms Glen commented,

"Obesity remains a major public health concern.

"It continues to erode the progress made in health through improvements against other diseases and it contributes heavily to the surge in diabetes

"While rates of smoking continue to retreat, and life expectancy increases, obesity and overweight threaten to undo the gains achieved.

"Changes in lifestyle, eating habits and food choices that are encouraged by and arise from government action, accompanied by a degree of personal commitment from individuals continue to be the best ways to help in tackling this preventable disease of lifestyle."

The cost of the drugs prescribed rose from £198,000 to £233,000 between 2008-09

Numbers of anti-obesity drugs dispensed in NHS Tayside

1998-99        296

2007-08     5,470

2008-09     5,659

2009-10     6,902


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