Lochee Health Profile : Call for more information

30 November 2010

In a bid to gain a more comprehensive picture of health in Lochee in recent years, Marlyn. Glen has written to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon asking for more detailed data on the individual "intermediate zones and data zones" that make up the multi-member Lochee ward on Dundee City Council.

Ms. Glen said,

" The Lochee ward now includes communities that in the past had their own council representation.

"The report presented (by NHS Tayside) to the Planning Partnership recognises this by recording population figures for each of the areas of Menzieshill, Charleston, Lochee, Balgay, Clement Park, Dryburgh, Gowrie Park, Benvie/Denhead of Gray and Beechwood.

" The Registrar General does publish various health data for intermediate zones which are termed "Lochee" "Balgay" , "Charleston" and "Menzieshill."

"These neighbourhood statistics are at the root of policy-making on many health issues.

"Their great advantage is that they are continually updated and used for policy-making rather than being dependent on Census data which may be years out of date.

"Sharing them is essential for public awareness and involvement in decision-making on these issues."

Ms Glen added the Scottish Government regularly produces data throughout the year on the numbers claiming job seekers allowance in all areas of Dundee.

Within the Lochee ward area, figures are published for Lochee East, Lochee West, Balgay, the Charleston area ("Camperdown") and the Menzieshill area ( "Ninewells")

Ms Glen has asked for the following information for intermediatezones/data zones in the Lochee ward

*The name and population of each data zone and its age structure.

*Estimated percentage of population prescribed drugs for anxiety, depression or psychosis; and the year that this estimate applies to.

*Percentage of children breastfeeding at the 6 to 8 week review; and the year that this applies to.

*Emergency hospital admissions - both sexes - aged 65 and over - rate per 100000 population; and the year that these apply to.

*Percentage of women smoking at booking: and the period (years) that this applies to.

*Percentage vaccinated against MMR1 by 5 years of age; and the year that this applies to.

*Hospital admissions for alcohol misuse - rate per 100000 population; and the period (years) that this applies to.

*Hospital admissions for drugs misuse - rate per 100000 population ; and the period (years) that this applies to.


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