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29 September 2008

Call for more funding for NHS Tayside

Marlyn Glen has written to Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon calling for NHS Tayside to be allocated more funding to prevent any freezing of posts , following reports that the health board has held negotiations with staff representatives on pay budgets. Ms. Glen said,

"NHS Tayside have been compelled to consider such negotiations because of the £35 million ‘efficiency savings’ they have been ordered to make over the next three years by the Scottish Government.

"Further financial restraints will arise next year when the Scottish Government impose a new funding formula which will create a fall in Tayside’s share of the revenues allocated to health boards in Scotland .

"Any freezing of posts would be detrimental to the efficiency of the NHS.

"It is up to the Scottish Government to ensure that this does not happen by providing more, not less, funding for NHS Tayside."


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