No guarantee that new composite classes will not be formed in Dundee primary schools

29 March 2010

Marlyn Glen has been informed that Dundee City Council " cannot rule out the possibility of composite classes being introduced in 13 targeted city primary schools in Dundee to enable class sizes in P1-P3 to be reduced to a maximum of 18 as from August.

A letter to her from the council said that "staffing decisions will not be made for some time yet" but that the possibility of new composite classes could not be discounted as the council sought to reduce class sizes to a maximum of 18 in P1-P3 classes in 13 city primaries.

Ms. Was informed that the council has "no plan to transfer staff from schools outwith the 13 targeted schools to teach in these schools".

Ms. Glen said that "any classroom disruption would be entirely the responsibility of the Scottish Government for failing to finance properly their promised reduction to a maximum of 18 pupils in all P1-P3 classes in Dundee by this time next year.

" The targeting of only 13 primary schools in Dundee means that 74 per cent of pupils in P1-P3 in the city will remain in classes above 18."



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