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28 October 2008

Call for more funds to employ more primary teachers in Dundee

Marlyn Glen has written to Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop calling for more money to employ more primary school teachers in Dundee as latest figures show that average class sizes in Primary 1 to 3 are, as she described it, "considerably distant" from the 18 maximum size set by the Scottish Government by 2011.

Ms. Glen said that the latest Scottish Government figures indicated that the average class size in Dundee in primary 1 was 21.9.

In Primary 2 it was 24.6

In primary 3 it was 26.0

Ms. Glen said that less than 10 per cent of P1-P3 classes in Dundee had a maximum number of 18 pupils.

She said,

"Dundee has never received the funding from the Scottish Government that is needed to employ the teachers necessary to reduce the maximum size to 18 in all P1-P3 classes in Dundee by 2011.

"This is the ‘pretend’ promise that the SNP Government made which is at the root of the problem.

"The talents of many newly-trained teachers are being wasted as they find few vacancies for jobs because of the persistent underfunding of councils by the Scottish Government to fulfill the maximum class size reduction promise.

"Fiona Hyslop has already admitted that there is problem of declining numbers of permanent posts at primary schools."


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