MSP raises with Minister £1.4 million cost for hub to oversee Harris Academy refurbishment

26 May 2010

Marlyn Glen is raising with Education Secretary Mike Russell why £1.4 million is being spent as start-up costs for the East Central Territory Hub, which is not yet completely established, but through which the Scottish Government insists that the Harris Academy refurbishment must be carried out.

Ms. Glen said that because the Scottish Government had given priority to the setting up of the Hub before starting on the Harris programme, work on the West End academy was now likely to begin at the earliest in 2012, after the next Scottish Parliament elections.

Ms. Glen said,

" The likely delay in refurbishing Harris will come at a cost to taxpayers.

" £1.4 million is being spent on the creation of the Hub Co, money that could have been spent instead on Harris.

" In his visit to Dundee this month the Minister declared that a ‘good and amicable solution’ would be found on how to fund the refurbishment of Harris.

"However, the inability of the Scottish Government to find one remains a let down for the entire West End community in the city."

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