Marlyn Glen welcomes increase in resources for dementia services in Dundee

25 November 2010

Marlyn Glen has welcomed news from Dundee City Council that in the past 6 months it has increased its staff numbers of social workers and support services dealing with dementia care.

Ms. Glen had tabled a Parliamentary Question on the level of dementia in the NHS Tayside area which revealed that the number of patients in NHS Tayside on General Practice registers for dementia was 2,974.

(This represents 0.7 per cent of all patients on GPsí registers, the same as the overall Scottish average. )

She had asked Dundee City Council for a statement of the councilís provision of services for those with dementia, based on the concordat between local government and the Scottish Government.

Ms. Glen who is a signatory of the Charter of Rights for People with Dementia and their Carers in Scotland, said,

"I welcome the additional resources that the council has devoted to dementia care.

" Few families in Dundee and Tayside will not be affected by dementia in one form or another, and it vital that the highest possible care is provided for people with dementia and their carers."

The councilís reply stated,

"In the last 6 months, we have increased the number of Social Workers and support workers within the teams in response to a rising demand for this service.

"Although the teams are not specifically for people with dementia, this would equate to approximately 90% of the work load.

"We also have a dedicated mental health Social Care team and we have also increased this service in the last 6 months.

"As above the majority of the work undertaken by the team is with older people with dementia.

"The Council has a joint Community Mental Health Team for older people which is managed and staffed in partnership with the Dundee CHP. The team is comprised of Social Workers, SW Support Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses and other AHP's.

"The team links closely with the consultant psychiatrists and the day hospital and staff are collocated within two sites (Longcroft and Orleans).

"Oaklands day service provides dedicated sessions for older people with dementia, both as a stand alone service and in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland.

"We commission services from Alzheimer Sotland's for day care and evening care and we part fund an outreach post for people newly diagnosed with dementia.

"We are introducing specialist telecare equipment including just checking systems and Medicate systems.

The council's placement funding for care homes is used to support older people with dementia requiring 24 hour long term care, and this includes 11 care homes providing specialist care.

"In addition to the specialist services, we care for and support a high number of older people within our more mainstream service - social care, home care, meals services, laundry, shopping and community alarm."



Parliamentary Question tabled by Marlyn Glen

People with Dementia

22 November 2010

Marlyn Glen : To ask the Scottish Executive what total number of patients is recorded in Quality and Outcomes Framework dementia registers in NHS Tayside GP practices.

Nicola Sturgeon : This information is published annually by ISD Scotland. The most recent information relates to the 2009-10 financial year and can be viewed at:

The published figures include data from nursing homes etc from NHS Lothian and Greater Glasgow and Clyde which do not participate in the Quality and Outcomes Framework but are part of the current Dementia HEAT targets. This does not affect the figures from NHS Tayside as they do not have these extra components.



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