No permanent posts in Dundee for over 60 per cent of probationary teachers

24 August 2010

Marlyn Glen released figures today showing that only 9 out of 35 secondary teachers in Dundee who completed their probationary year with Dundee City Council this year were offered a permanent post with the council for the new session that began this month.

Only 15 out 29 primary probationer teachers were offered a permanent post with the council.

The figures, provided to Ms. Glen by Dundee City Council, show that :

64 teachers completed their probationary year in 2009-10 with Dundee City Council.

29 were primary school teachers, 35 were secondary.

Of the 29 primary teachers,

15 were offered permanent posts.

1 was offered a temporary post

7 are currently on the primary supply list.

Amongst the 35 secondary teachers,

9 were offered permanent posts,

1 was offered a temporary contract,

5 are on the secondary supply list.

Ms. Glen said,

" Unless more permanent jobs are found for newly-qualified teachers, there is a real risk that their talents and skills will be lost to teaching for good.

" Careers cannot be built on temporary contracts and short-term work from supply lists.

"In addition, taxpayers rightly expect the 22,500 cost estimated to train a teacher to provide a dividend of more teachers in our schools.

" More teachers are most certainly needed at this particular time in Scottish education.

"In secondary schools, concerns about the resources for the new Curriculum for Excellence and its development and implementation should be addressed by providing more teachers."

"In primary schools, there remains the unfulfilled Scottish Government promise to reduce class sizes in all primary 1- 3 classes to a maximum of 18 by next year. "

An estimated 3 per cent of probationary teachers found employment outside of their own authority this year.


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