Education Maintenance Allowances applications plunge by almost 40 per cent in Dundee and College Bursaries face 2 per cent cuts.

22 December 2010

Marlyn Glen is raising with the Scottish Government its proposals to cut college bursaries for the least well-off students by almost 2 per cent, or 1.5 million in real terms, a move that could affect students at Dundee College.

Ms. Glen said that the "good news" that the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) in Scotland had not been scrapped as it has been in England was "tempered by this plan for college bursaries which will see those strapped for cash losing out."

She added that while the EMA had been spared, the number of applications for an educational maintenance allowance in Dundee had fallen by almost 40 per cent as a result of the changes introduced by the SNP Government.

These changes were the lowering of the parental income threshold and the scrapping of the 20 and 10 payments.

The number of applications for an EMA in Dundee fell from 834 in 2007/08 to 524 in 2010/11.

She said that NUS Scotland had expressed its concern that removing these 10 and 20 payments would lead to over 7,000 young people who benefited from these payments in 2007-8 either dropping out, or ceasing to attend classes regularly.

Educational Maintenance Allowance : data for Dundee

2010/11, 524 applications received , 39 refused

2009/10, 776 applications received , 88 refused

2008/09, 819 applications received , 11 refused

2007/08, 834 applications received , 13 refused

The 524 applications received in 2010/11 is 62 per cent of the 834 applications received in 2007/08 i.e. a drop of almost 40 per cent


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