Plea not to cut Dundee’s affordable homes budget

22 March 2010

Marlyn Glen is calling on the Scottish Government not to cut Dundee’s affordable housing budget, which is set to plummet by planned 45 per cent in the new financial year which begins next month.

Ms. Glen has received information from the Scottish Government showing it plans to cut Dundee’s Affordable Housing Investment Programme from £10 million this year ( 2009-10) to £5.5 million next year ( 2010-11).

In Angus, the council’s affordable housing investment is set to shrink from £4.7 million to £2.6 million, a drop also of 45 per cent.

Ms. Glen said that the Scottish Government’s own figures show that the number of houses it estimates will be built under the affordable housing programme in Dundee is 123 in 2009-10.

This represents a drop of 60 per cent compared with the 360 built in Dundee in the previous year.

Ms. Glen said,

"At a time when the local construction industry needs urgent assistance, cutting millions of pounds from Dundee’s affordable housing programme will put jobs in jeopardy, despite more affordable homes being a priority."


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