Education amalgamation : Plea for no job losses in Dundee

20 October 2010

Marlyn Glen has written to Education Secretary Mike Russell calling for a guarantee that there will be no jobs lost in the Dundee following the announcement that the existing organisations HMIe and Learning and Teaching Scotland, both of which have offices in Dundee, will be amalgamated to form of the Scottish Education Quality and Improvement Agency

Ms. Glen said,

" I have misgivings about the formation of this mega-quango from the current two quangos of Learning Teaching Scotland and the Education Inspectorate, HMIe

" The justification for its formation is the drive to trim red tape and bureaucracy with more resources being diverted into classroom teaching.

" The concern is that this justification is a camouflage for cuts with no assurance of the quality of education will improve.

"To protect that quality, I am asking the Education Minister for a guarantee that the mega-quango amalgamation will not result in any posts being lost in Dundee."


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