Welcome for bursaries for Abertay biomedical students to work in NHS on graduation

20 May 2010

Marlyn Glen is welcoming the fact that 19 biomedical science bursaries have been awarded at Abertay University this year to encourage students to work in the NHS on graduation.

Ms. Glen said that the scheme had been introduced by the Labour-led Scottish Executive in 2005-6.

A 2,000 bursary is open to third and fourth year students.

It means that third and fourth year students can become state-registered during their degree studies, which saves them having to undergo an extra year of training on graduation.

Biomedical scientists are the largest group of staff that work in laboratories.

There are employed in the NHS in Scotland in four main areas: haematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology and pathology.

Ms. Glen,

" The work of biomedical scientists is crucial to the work of the NHS, and the bursary scheme acknowledges that importance."




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