"Never-Ending Council Tax Freeze faces crisis of credibility"

16 August 2010


Responding to the announcement that the SNP are ordering over £20 million on cuts in Dundee Cityís budget for the next financial year, Marlyn Glen said,

"The SNP are imposing a cut of over £20 million in Dundee City Councilís budget to freeze the council tax next year.

"However, in 2008-09, the SNP Government gave out over £26 million in bonuses to senior staff right across the public sector from the NHS to government.

"One reason why Dundee City Council faces a severe squeeze on jobs and services is that the SNPís 'Never- Ending Council Tax Freeze' re-election ploy now faces its own crisis of credibility when it means the loss of hundreds of jobs and big reductions in services for the public.

" Another reason has been the double talk from the SNP Government claiming that they had given councils all of the money that they needed to run their services.

"The council's priorities right now are taking tough and responsible decisions, and not constantly looking for others to blame instead."


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