Mills Observatory : "This excellent educational resource must remain in the public sector"

15 November 2010

Marlyn Glen is supporting calls by Councillor Richard McCready, Labour candidate for Dundee City West, for the Mills Observatory to remain within public ownership and to remain free to the public.

She said,

"Dundee’s international achievements in astronomy were marked last year in the International Year of Astronomy

" Dundee has provided two Astronomers Royal for Scotland; Malcolm Longair, appointed in 1980, and Thomas Henderson, the 19th century Dundonian astronomer who was the first person to measure correctly the distance between Dundee and the star Alpha Centauri, the largest component of the nearest star system to the Earth.

" I tabled a motion then asking the Scottish Parliament to acclaim the work of Dundee-born Williamina Fleming, who has a crater on the Moon named in honour of her work in the late 19th. and early 20th . century in the classification of stars.

" With such prestigious recognition for the work of Dundonians in the field of astronomy, this excellent resource for science education must remain in the public sector."

Link : Richard McCready : Answers sought over Mills Observatory


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