Cost of care for the elderly : MSP asks council again for figures

14 October 2010


Marlyn Glen has written to Dundee City Council asking if it has now estimated how much it will cost in the near future to provide care for the elderly in the city at the same level of provision as at present.

Ms. Glen wrote to the council in May asking if it had made any estimates on the maintaining the present level of provision of Free Personal Care as it is now in future years based of population projections.

In reply, the council said, that these estimates were " being developed as part of an estimate of demographic pressures".

Now 5 months later, Ms. Glen has written again asking if the estimates have been made.

She said,
" Free personal care in the city will need to cope with major demographic demands.

"Firstly, we see the onset of the retirement of the post-war "baby boomers" in large numbers.

"Population-wise, Dundee’s population is forecast to be 142,000 in 2013 with almost 27,000 of that population being aged 65 or over.

"By 2028, it is envisaged that the population will decrease to 137,000 but that the numbers aged over 65 are predicted to rise to almost 32,000.

"Secondly, the increase in life expectancy has not been accompanied by a corresponding increase in healthy life expectancy."

Ms. Glen said that figures from 1999-2003 indicated that both men and women in Dundee spend more years were below the overall average for Scotland.

Healthy Life Expectancy is the number of years that people may expect to enjoy good health

For Dundee males, life expectancy was estimated at 71.8 years, and healthy life expectancy at 64.6 years.
This means that the number of years "not spent in good health was 7.2 years"
The comparable Scottish figure for males is less, and estimated to be 7.0 years.

For Dundee females, life expectancy was estimated at 78.0 , and healthy life expectancy at 68.8 years.
This means that the number of years " not spent in good health" was 9.2 years.
The comparable Scottish figures for females is less, and estimated at 8.5 years.

Ms. Glen added,
"As council budgets are set to contract even more, the financial forces on the provision of the service will increase."


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