Laptop scheme for Scotland urged

14 April 2010

Marlyn Glen is calling on the Scottish Government to introduce a scheme to provide a free laptop to pupils from less advantaged backgrounds to help improve their educational attainment.

Ms. Glen is writing to Scottish Education Secretary Mike Russell saying that it could be similar to the 300 million Home Access Scheme to benefit 270,000 families in England that was introduced earlier this year by the UK Government.

The scheme in England was piloted in two areas beforehand and Ms. Glen says that Dundee would be a suitable choice for a Scottish pilot.

Ms. Glen said,

" Computers are essential requirements in education today for all children to gain from in this digital age of learning.

"Continuing online learning at home benefits those children who do so, and we must ensure, as much as possible, that no one is left out of such a wealth of online learning resources without a computer.

" A study by the respected Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that having a computer at home could improve the grades gained in some school subject exams in England"



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