Call for Dundee City Council to consult public over £20 million cuts for council tax freeze

10 November 2010

Marlyn Glen has renewed her appeal to SNP-controlled Dundee City Council to "share with the people of Dundee all of the information that the council already has to prepare them for the effect of the £20 million cuts that will hit Dundee as a result of the SNP Government’s imposition of a council tax freeze."

Ms. Glen said,

"People in Dundee want an explanation of what choices of cuts the SNP council are making and why.

" The SNP remain loathe to have a discussion with the public about the cuts and the consequences of their decisions for the future of Dundee.

"They prefer instead a ‘Behind Closed Doors Committee’ where decisions on cuts are concealed from the public."

Ms. Glen said that on Perth and Kinross Council, where the SNP form part of a coalition administration, the SNP are giving people the opportunity to make their views known on the future provision of council services in a variety of ways.

She said,

"Perth and Kinross Council say they are are consulting with their council tax payers to ‘help to inform these important decisions.’

"By contrast, in Dundee, the SNP’s fear of blame for the cuts means there is no no dialogue with Dundonians whose opinions would make a considerable positive contribution on savings and services."

She added,

" In June, the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament said that all-publicly funded bodies such as councils should ‘show far greater leadership by discussing in more open and realistic terms the impact that the budget cuts will have and the options that are available to deal with these cuts.’

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