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8 December 2010

Learning Teaching Scotland - Education Inspectorate merger " camouflage for cuts" concern

Marlyn Glen has expressed concern that the Scottish Government can give her no longer term security than March of next year for the retention of posts in Dundee within HMInspectorate for Education and Learning and Teaching Scotland, both of which have offices in Dundee, and which will be amalgamated to form of the Scottish Education Quality and Improvement Agency in July 2011.

Ms. Glen had written to Education Secretary Mike Russell about the formation of this "mega-quango".

She said there were " misgivings" that its creation was "a camouflage for cuts" with no assurance that the quality of education would improve.

To protect that quality, she asked the Education Minister for a guarantee that the amalgamation would not result in any posts being lost in Dundee.

Keith Brown, the Minister for Skills and Lifelong Learning, responded on behalf of the Education Secretary to Ms. Glen, saying,

"We expect that any necessary reductions in staffing will be achieved, where appropriate, through redeployment, natural turnover or if necessary, targeted and cost-effective voluntary early retirement/severance packages.

Ms. Glen commented,

"The Ministerís reply provides no guarantee that posts will not be lost once the new quango is in operation next summer.

" Concerns that the amalgamation has been driven by cost-cutting rather than by benefits to employees, teachers and the curriculum have been proven to be well-founded."


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