Dundee Forensic Laboratory : Protest to Minister over transfer of posts from Dundee

8 December 2010

Marlyn Glen has written to Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill protesting at the proposed transfer of chemists from Dundee’s new forensic laboratory to Glasgow.

She described the decision as "deeply offensive" saying,

" A week is not just a long time in politics, but in the workings of the Scottish Forensic Services as well.

"Last week a bright new future in Dundee was hailed for the profession.

"The announcement that posts in Dundee were to be shed was withheld and announced yesterday by video conferencing. "

Ms. Glen has asked Justice Minister MacAskill for the following information :

* Why knowledge of the transfer of posts from Dundee to Glasgow was withheld till this week.

* Why the staff concerned heard of this via a video conference link without prior contact having been made on an individual basis with staff.

* What judgement was made beforehand on the impact of such a swift decision on the careers of the scientists involved , the consequences for them and their families, and the consequences for the Forensic Service in Dundee .

* The effects of the transfer of posts on the efficiency of the court system in dealing with cases involving drugs in Tayside whereby chemical verification in alleged crimes and offences will now take place in Glasgow rather than in Dundee.

* The additional time, costs and resources that will now arise in dealing with such verification in Tayside courts.

* What modifications, if any, will need to be made to the laboratories in Dundee to accommodate the change over from chemistry to biology and their cost.


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