Domestic Abuse : Marlyn Glen praises women in Dundee for coming forward.

8 February 2011

"If women in Dundee are more likely than women in other parts of Scotland to report domestic abuse then they are to be commended for their resolve and for the example that they are setting."

So said Marlyn Glen following the disclosure that the rate of the number of incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Dundee last year was the highest in Scotland.

Ms. Glen said,

"The predominant majority of domestic abuse cases refer to female victims.

"Each individual case has its own tragic story, possibly with vulnerable children suffering as well.

"Each is rooted in the subordinate standing of women in society that maintains gender inequality.

"Governments will continue to devote resources to protecting such women and their families from abuse.

"That has to be strongly matched by a change in behaviour and attitude amongst some men that they will not commit or condone abuse against women"

There were 2,305 incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police in Dundee in 2009-10, compared with 1,698 in 2000-01.

The latest figures correspond to a rate of 1,608 ( per 100,000 of population ) , the highest in Scotland .

This is not the first time that Dundee has shown the highest rate.

Other years were


Another reason why the Dundee rate may be so relatively high because of the way in which police record incidents.

The Scottish Government state that :

" Some forces have ruled that no crime or offence should be recorded if no further action is to be taken e.g. because the victim does not wish any action to be taken.

"Other forces may record this as a crime or offence.

"These differences clearly influence the proportion of incidents which lead to the recording of a crime or offence.

"This ranged from 99 per cent in Tayside, to 36 per cent in Central in 2009- 10.

Since 2007, the Scottish Government, relying on studies in England, puts the cost of domestic abuse to Scottish society as some 2.3 billion a year and the cost of violence against women at 4 billion.

Its definition of domestic abuse is "any form of physical, non-physical, or sexual abuse which takes place within the context of a close relationship, committed either in the home or elsewhere.

"This relationship will be between partners (married, co-habiting or otherwise) or ex-partners."


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