SNP Health Cuts

*Fewer nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside now than when the SNP were in power three years ago

*Nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside falls for the first time in 10 years

*Over 190 medical, nursing, and science posts lost in the past year.

7 January 2011


Marlyn Glen is highlighting new Scottish Government statistics showing that the number of nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside has fallen for the first time in the past 10 years.

The number of nursing and midwifery staff in NHS Tayside is now less than there was in the opening months of the SNP coming to power in the Scottish Parliament in 2007.

Ms. Glen said,

"Over 190 posts for staff who provide front line services have been lost in the past year.

"Cuts of this severity cannot be implemented without damaging the quality of patient care as rising demand continues.

"The number of nursing and midwifery staff rose in each successive year from 2001 to 2008, through the financial and political priorities of the previous Labour-led Scottish Executive who set the budget for spending in this period.

"This year marks a sharp reverse of that upward trend with 86 fewer nursing and midwifery staff now in NHS Tayside than in 2009 under the present SNP Government.

"Their current policy has cut the number of nursing and midwifery posts across Scotland despite the Scottish Government being granted almost 1 billion extra in spending in the latest year by the previous Labour UK Government.

"These cuts have weakened NHS Tayside leaving it more vulnerable to the Coalition Cuts to come."


NHS Tayside staff cuts are as follows

Nursing and midwifery ( Bands 1-9 ; whole time equivalent figures as at September of the year; from ISD Scotland)

Year number of staff
2001 4,640
2002 4,680
2003 4,768
2004 4,834
2005 4,881
2006 4,912
2007 4,995
2008 5,029
2009 5,079
2010 4,993

The percentage drop in the figures between 2009 and 2010 is 1.7 per cent.


Overall cuts in NHS staffing ( staffing numbers are in whole-time equivalents)

The number of all staff ( excluding GPs and dentists) fell to 11,566 in 2010 compared with 11,759 in 2009.

In the same period :

Medical staff ( hospital, community and public health services ) dropped to 999 from 1,006 in the previous year

Allied health professionals fell to 825 from 841 in the previous year

Healthcare scientists fell to 521 from 525 in the previous year.

Other therapeutic services fell to 318 from 320 in the previous year.

Medical and dental support staff fell to 165 from 166 in the previous year.


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