Cuts : Council " failing to face up to its responsibility"

4 August 2010


Marlyn Glen said today that SNP-controlled Dundee City council had "failed to face up to its responsibility" over council budget cuts as the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee has made it clear that councils must show "greater leadership" over the issue.

Ms. Glen said,

" In June, the Finance Committee of the Scottish Parliament said that all-publicly funded bodies such as councils should ‘show far greater leadership by discussing in more open and realistic terms the impact that the budget cuts will have and the options that are available to deal with these cuts.’

"Instead, since then the SNP on Dundee City Council have avoided their duty to inform Dundee in this manner.

"The city needs to know about the depth of these cuts in detail, and the options open to the council in managing them through careful planning.

"The city needs to know as well the impact on council services in Dundee of the SNP Government’s decision to delay the introduction of £332 million of Coalition budget cuts in Scotland till next year.

"In short, the SNP should have shared all of the information that they already have on the cuts with the people of Dundee to inform them fully of the scale of the reductions in spending.

"No amount of ducking and dodging by the SNP will hide the fact that they will make large cuts in the budget of Dundee City Council as a consequence of their Government’s decision to freeze the council tax."

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