"Childhood obesity strong pointer to adult obesity"

1 June 2010

Commenting on reports that NHS Tayside were making slower than expeceted progress towards some childhood anti-obesity targets, Marlyn Glen said,

"The rising numbers of those with obesity and obesity-related diabetes are major public health concerns.

"Both pose serious risks for the quality of life for the individual and both impose added burdens on NHS resources."

Ms. Glen said that she was writing to NHS Tayside seeking answers as to why NHS Tayside is making slower than expected progress towards childhood anti-obesity targets.

She said,

"There may be two main reasons.

"One may be a lack of parental support amongst a small group of families.

"The other may be a lack of resources that NHS Tayside itself can devote to these programmes.

" Whatever the explanation, the message is clear.

"Childhood obesity is a strong indicator of obesity in adult life."



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